Birthday Party or Bar/Bat Mitzvah Basketball Entertainer


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Make your son or daughter feel like a star at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Birthday Party!

Invite Basketball Entertainer Jack “BlackJack” Ryan to your Basketball Themed Birthday or Bar/Bat Mitzvah for a truly memorable event.  The Hoop Wizard can either perform at the cocktail hour or entertain guests with a basketball performance on the dance floor. Either way, he is at the event for one hour.

Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah (Cocktail Hour):  Jack brings two basketballs to spin. He walks around and does his tricks and also spins basketballs off of all the kids and adults, too. Everyone enjoys the one on one interaction with the HoopWizard! BlackJack makes sure everyone gets to spin at least once and has a posse of kids following him to spin on there finger or hold the pen and do it or even on there nose!

If you want to hire Jack for a performance its usually when parents are sitting down and kids are done eating. The DJ will have Jacks intro and music! DJ will get the kids around the dance floor introduce him then music and Jack will perform his 6 min basketball act that he does at the NBA and College half time shows! His finale he spins 9 basketballs on his body! After that he’ll bring up the Bar Mitzvah boy do a silly skit with him then spin 3 basketballs on him! All he has to do is stay still! After that he will get 12 to 15 kids, boys and girls around him in a circle for a crazy catch and pass game! If you drop the ball you are out! Jack warns them that he lies and cheats and always keep you eye on the ball and if you drop it he ask the audience to yell ‘You are out’! By the middle of the game they do not know which way the ball is coming and when there are 2 contestants left and the Bar Mitzvah boy throws me the ball i try to make it look as best as possible that i dropped it! And now the whole place is screaming at me YOU ARE OUT and the Bar Mitzvah boy beats the pro! You can view this catch and pass game on the school assembly videos on my site! This all takes about 15 min! After that Dj goes back to doing whatever and am doing my walk around spinning basketball on kids and adults for the next 45 min!

Themed or Regular Birthday (Dance Floor Basketball Performance): Jack comes fully prepared with a Public Address (PA) system, music selections, basketballs, and games for all to enjoy.
A HoopWizard Birthday Party/Communion party can take place at a banquet hall, restaurant, park, gym, party space, backyard, or even a driveway (weather permitting). For birthday parties i have a 45 min interactive comedy basketball show where the birthday boy/girl is the star of the day! After the 45 min i tell the kids whoever wants to spin the ball on your finger, hold the pen and spin or spin off your nose make 1 line behind the birthday boy or birthday girl! I don’t leave till every kid gets to spin! Birthday boy/girl gets a new red white and blue basketball from me and both birthday boy/girl and rest of kids get a little picture poster that i will autograph at the end!  Contact Jack and schedule your party today!

Jack is now accepting booking requests for:

  • Half time Basketball Entertainment shows: 5 to 7 min of Basketball Entertainment “tricks” ending in spinning 9 basketballs at once!
  • School shows & Motivational Speaker: 45 min interactive comedy basketball show with inspirational and motivational messages.
  • Day Camps, summer camps, birthday parties, scouting events and all other children’s events:  45 min interactive comedy basketball show
  • Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs Basketball Entertainment:  Cocktail hour entertainment – walks around spinning balls for kids or a 15 min show on the dance floor!


Black Jack School Assemblies in Tennessee

Why Hire Hoopwizard?

BlackJack Ryan performs a 45 min interactive comedy show for birthday parties and children's events. Jack also entertains at NBA/College half time shows, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and can be hired as a motivational speaker for school assemblies.

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