Children’s Party Entertainer


I have a 45-minute interactive comedy basketball show where your child is the star of the day.


As your children’s entertainer, I always bring two basketballs to spin, walking around and doing tricks for adults and children alike at the party. I make sure everyone gets to take a spin with the balls at least once, either balancing it on their finger, a pen, or even on their nose! Children are welcome to join me during these rounds so they can interact with me during the whole experience.


I typically perform once parents are resting and kids are done eating. Any DJ at your event will be given my intro and music, and I’ll come on down to the dance floor and perform my full six-minute basketball act, which is popular at NBA and college halftime shows across the nation! My finale, a hugely popular event where I spin nine basketballs on various parts of my body, is always a huge crowd pleaser that’s just perfect for memorable party entertainment.

After performing that final big spin, I will do a silly skit with the bar/bat mitzvah child, spinning three basketballs on the kid for everyone’s amusement. This short skit is followed by a game where 12 to 15 children are in a circle, passing the ball around. If you drop the ball, the audience is instructed to yell, “You are out!” I always try to orchestrate it so the bar/bat mitzvah child is the last person in the game, and will perform an expert fumble so that the kid ultimately beats the pro at his own game. I will then go back to making my rounds spinning the ball for people for another 30 minutes of entertainment.


I come straight to the location of the party fully prepared to be your children’s entertainer with a public address (PA) system, music selections, and all kinds of basketballs and games. I typically provide this form of entertainment in large open party spaces, like banquet halls, parks, and gyms, but I am also able to perform in backyards and even driveways if the weather permits.

For most birthday parties I perform a 45-minute, interactive comedy basketball show where the birthday child is the star! After that performance, I have the guests form a line behind the birthday boy or girl to take a turn spinning the ball. I don’t leave until every child has had their chance to spin the ball off their finger, a pen, or the crowd-pleasing nose spin. I leave the birthday boy or girl with a special red and white basketball from me while the rest of the young guests will get little picture posters of me that I’ll happily autograph.